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hi I like grass and I am hot

I am Neth's real wife and gf and u can't change my mind/j


Rules On My Profile!!

1. Please do not trace or steal my art and characters
2. Don't even fucking dare to offer on my sonas
3. Only offer on my characters if I give u permission to do that
4. Yes, u may draw my characters! BUT PLS NO NSFW HERE SMHHH
5. My acc is safe for everyone! remember that you are valid!! (Homophobes, MAP, Zoophiles, etc get out of my page)
6. Gore are ok!
8. Don't give critiques unless I asked
9. Do not break the rules


Design TOS :
yes, redesign are ok, but not too much!u may resell it only if they have extra artu are allowed to retrade and regift!
Art TOS :
notice me if sometimes I missed any detaildo not claim it as yoursdon't sell my art for something like merch and bla bla bladon't remove my watermark!



Ur Profile contains NSFW stuffPedophilia, Zoophilia, and more stufff like datracist, homophobicsome kind of person who judges people bc of their fandom
I'm trans maleyes most of my characters are anthros character lolyes my name and my profile are all space themedyes u may put me on r/ihadstroke idc lol i want to be thereIndo is not my truesona, my truesona is Nedstfu I'm not a furry